Big News! We're Expecting a ....

I am SO excited to share that we are expecting a little girl! 

Little miss is due a week before my sons second birthday so they may end up sharing a birthday! I am still in shock that I'm pregnant with a girl. So far this pregnancy has felt exactly the same as my sons. Nausea but no vomiting, super tired in the first trimester, some headaches, and minimal food cravings (although I've been using pregnancy as an excuse to eat more sweets and nachos!)

I'm trying to enjoy these next few months having just one child. He is so easy (most of the time.) He sleeps through the night every night, and is taking a pretty good nap most days. Of course he didn't yesterday with the stupid time change! He weaned about two weeks ago when my milk dried up. He hadn't napped for days and I had no idea why (I had been nursing him to nap but he has been putting himself to sleep at night since about 9 months.)

Well, I figured out my milk was gone so I just decided to try our bedtime routine for naps and he ended up taking 90-120 minute naps that week. I WAS IN HEAVEN. Naps have always been a struggle, he only napped after nursing while laying on me the first 9 months, and I always thought we'd be in for a hell of a time if I was ever unable to nurse him to nap.

Being the super obnoxious planner I am I've been reading online and talking to friends about the transition from one to two kids. I'm confident it will be easier, or the same, as going from zero to one for me. 

In the span of six weeks I had a baby, moved from Alabama to Florida, then Florida to Alaska at the start of the Winter (October.)  Prior to my son I had never been around babies. I had held exactly one and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I had to google videos on how to change a diaper, give him a bath, and how to nurse. There was SO MUCH to learn that now I'll know a second time around.

Of course I know there will be SO MUCH else to learn now managing two kids, but I really believe (or at least falsely hope and don't dash my dreams lol) that I'll be a little more relaxed, confident and in the moment with a second newborn. I struggled with postpartum anxiety and once I started counseling when we moved to Alaska things began to get a lot better. Now I'll know to get help sooner if I start having problems with obsessive thoughts again (something happening to the baby being the majority of them.)

Travis said he's done now that we will have one of each. I like to think a third may be in our future in another 2-3 years! We'll see how I feel one year into life with two kids. I may very well be QUITE content with just two!

Moms of two what are your best survival tips for the 1-2 transition?